Syllabus & Regulations - Medical



Current Syllabus - Medical Courses from 2010-2011 (Revised)

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Curriculum Implementation Support Programme (CISP) to be implemented for First MBBS students compulsorily from the academic year 2012-13 onwards. The Quarterly report to be sent to this University.

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M.B.B.S                                                                           Practical Examination


First, Second & Final year MBBS Degree course Scheme of Practical Examination  for August 2013.

Pattern of MBBS Degree Course Examination from February 2013 onwards ...


Practical Scheme for First MBBS arrear candidates appearing for February 2013 examination.


Second & Final MBBS Scheme of Practical Examintion                  

                                                                                                          Clinical/Practical Scheme for PG M.D/M.S. from April 2013 Examination  


                                                                                        Changes in some Clinical/Practical Scheme for PG M.D/M.S. from April 2014 Examination 


First M.B.B.S. -  Revised from 2012-2013 Onwards   Resolutions for PG Clinical


Second M.B.B.S                                                                      Resolutions for PG Non-Clinical

Second M.B.B.S. Pathology 

Third Year M.B.B.S Part-I & II 

Curriculum Implementation Support Programme (CISP) to be implemented for the First MBBS students compulsory for the academic year 2013-14 .

MBBS First Year - Integrated Teaching of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry from the Academic Year 2012-2013


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Psychological Medicine


Child Health



·         M.D. General Medicine

·         M.D. Anatomy

·         M.D. Pathology  

·         M.D. Microbiology

·         M.D. Physiology

·         M.D. Pharmacology 

·         M.D. Paediatrics 

·         M.D. Radio Diagnosis

·         M.D. Radio Therapy 

·         M.D. Anaesthesiology 

·         M.D. Dermatology Venerology & Leprosy 

·         M.D. Biochemistry 

·         M.D. Forensic Medicine  

·         M.D. Family Medicine

·         M.D. Community Medicine 

·         M.D. Geriatric Medicine 

·         M.D. Nuclear Medicine

·         M.D. Palliative Medicine 

·         M.D. Pulmonary Medicine 

·         M.D. Psychiatry 

·         M.D. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 

·         M.D. Immuno Haematology Transfusion



·         M.S. General Surgery 

·         M.S. Obstetrics and Gynaecology

·         M.S. Orthopaedic Surgery 

·         M.S. Opthalmology 

·         M.S. E.N.T 


Super Speciality Courses -D.M. / M.Ch.

Regulations for super specialties courses-2010-2011


Syllabus - D.M.

·         D.M. Neurology 

·         D.M. Cardiology 

·         D.M. Nephrology 

·         D.M. Medical Gastroenterology 

·         D.M. Medical Oncology 

·         D.M. Rheumatology 

·         D.M. Clinical Haematology 

·         D.M. Neonatology

·         D.M. Hepatology

·         D.M. Endocrinology


Syllabus - M.Ch. 

·         M.Ch. Cardio Thoracic Surgery 

·         M.Ch. Neuro Surgery 

·         M.Ch. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery 

·         M.Ch. Urology 

·         M.Ch. Paediatric Surgery 

·         M.Ch. Surgical Gastroenterology 

·         M.Ch. Surgical Oncology 

·         M.Ch. Vascular Surgery 

·         M.Ch. Endocrinology 

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